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    Catholics help flood victims
Credit : CBCT Newsletter Vol.6 No.21
  The Catholic Commission for Social Works (Caritas Thailand), under the Catholic Bishops Conference of Thailand, extends help to the Catholics and Thai brothers and sisters suffering from the heavy floods for a long time in the several provinces which affected accommodation, food, and farm as well as psychologically.

Flood was caused by typhoons since August till now, especially on 9 September when the flood inflicted damages on several provinces both in the north, northeast and central part of Thailand. The sudden flood caused untold damages to houses, properties and agricultural produces and included more than 500,000 people in 69 districts of the total 16 provinces. The report as of 12 September 2011 included 82 deaths and people forced to evacuate from their houses to live on the street.

The Catholic Office for Emergency Relief and Refugees within the Episcopal Commission for Social Works provided some initial help in kind to the victims in Mae Hong Son. At the same time COERR has coordinated all the dioceses in mobilizing assistance to the flood victims. Everyone is, invited to help in order to alleviate the victims.


    Apostolic Nuncio greets the Supreme Head of Muslims
September 12, 2011 (Credit : CBCT Newsletter Vol.6 No.21)
  One 12 September 2011 the Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Giovanni Daniello, Bishop Joseph Chusak Sirisut, President of the Interreligious Dialogue and Christian Unity Commission and the team greeted Mr. Asis Pitakkhumpol, supreme head of the Muslims at Chulalongkorn hospital on the occasion that concluded the fasting month.

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    Seminar on Church and New Media organized
September 5-8, 2011 (Credit : CBCT Newsletter Vol.6 No.21)

The seminar on Church and New Media was organized September 5-8, 2011 at the Camillian Center, Bangkok by the Catholic Social Communications of Thailand in collaboration with UCANews and the Asian Communication Network. Archbishop Francis Kriengsak Kovitvanij of Bangkok endorsed this seminar for priests and those involved in the media ministry.

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    Thai Bishops Conference pays honor to
Princess Phakhinithur
September 2, 2011 (Credit : CBCT Newsletter Vol.6 No.21)
  Archbishop Louis Chamniern Santisukniran, CBCT President, Archbishop Francis Xavier Kriengsak Kovitvanit, CBCT Vice-President, Bishop John Bosco Panya Kritcharoen, CBCT Secretary General and the team brought a wreath to pay honor and pray for the repose of Princess Phetchrat Ratchasuda Sirisophapannawadee at the Dusit Palace on 2 September 2011.

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    41st Seminar of the Catholic Education Council
August 21-24, 2011 (Credit : CBCT Newsletter Vol.6 No.21)
  On 21-24 August 2011 at the Asia Pattaya Hotel Archbishop Louis Chamniern Santisukniran, CBCT and Catholic Education Council chairman, presided the opening of the 41st annual meeting of the Catholic Education Council on the theme: The integration of culture, faith and life in the Thai perspective. About 420 participants were present on this meeting led by Mr. Rangsiman Chroensuk, president of the Catholic Teachers Association of Thailand.

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    Pastoral plan reviewed for implemtation
August 15, 2011 (Credit : CBCT Newsletter Vol.6 No.21)
  On 15 August 2011 after announcement of the pastoral plan (2010-2015) by Bishops Conference of Thailand at the Assumption Cathedral, responsible persons at all levels made the study, familiarized themselves with it and find ways to implement them. Dioceses have already published their diocesan planning.

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    World Congress of Catholic Universities Celebrated
August 12-14, 2011 (Credit : CBCT Newsletter Vol.6 No.21)

Fr. Chartchai Pongsiri and Bro. Lee Visith attended the World Congress of Catholic Universities in Auila, Spain on August 12-14, 2011. The World Congress of Catholic Universities took place in conjunctionn with Pope Benedicts visit to Madrid on the occasion of the World Youth Day. It was an initiative meant to encourage reflection on the identity and spirit of Catholic universities, beginning in Spain and again the entire international community.

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    Thai Catholics Honor the King
(Credit : CBCT Newsletter Vol.6 No.21)
  The Catholic Bishops Conference of Thailand will organize a grand celebration in honor of His Majesty the King on the occasion of his 84th birthday anniversary on the theme: Thai Catholics Honor the King.

The celebration will be on 2 December 2011 at Santa Cruz Church, a very old Church where the land was granted by the king and, at the 60th birthday anniversary of His Majesty the Santa Cruz Church was granted budget for renovation.

This celebration is the collaboration of several Catholic organizations such as the Catholic Media, the Catholic Commission for Sacred Music, the Association of Catholic Religious in Thailand, Association of Catholic Businessmen, Catholic Association of Thailand, Santa Cruz Church, Mater Dei School, and Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, singers, actors/actresses and volunteers.

Stage show will consist of 4 main scenes:
1. Supporter of Education
2. Promoter of Religions
3. Weaver of Unity
4. Glory Forever.

Besides the above activities CBCT asked that each diocese will organize activities appropriate to each respective diocese and that each Sunday a special prayer of the faithful be included for His Majesty to show our loyalty and unity with all the Thais on this very special occasion.


    Seminar on Protection of the Family and the Children
July 29, 2011 (Credit : CBCT Newsletter Vol.6 No.21)
  Eleven Vietnamese diocesan priests from the diocese of Bui Chu, North Vietnam led by Fr. Dominic Dang, made a visit to the Catholic Bishops Conference of Thailand on 29 July 2011. They came for exposure for 5 days. Their visit included the Assumption Cathedral, Baan Phu Waan and the Bishops Conference to study the organizational structure of the Thai Church especially on Mass Media and Information Technology.


    Eleven Vietnamese diocesan priests visit to the Catholic Bishops Conference of Thailand
June 16-19, 2011 (Credit : CBCT Newsletter Vol.6 No.21)
  Dr. Catherine Bernard, President of The Research Institute for Family and the Children (SERFAC) organized the 13th seminar on protection of the family and the children on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the institutes establishment. Dr. Chainarong Montienvichienchai opened the meeting with priests, religious and the laity who were involved with family and promotion of childrens rights from more than 30 countries with approximately 100 participants. The meeting was convened at the Holiday Inn, Silom, on 16-19 June 2011.


SERFAC, an advisory office to the UN Economic and Social Commission, pointed out that globalization is the main cause of changes among the Asian people and in the various continents, especially the cyber world which no doubt contributes to the development of the world but, also has negative impact to the family in terms of communication, while children believe in peers rather than their parents. It also reduces the worlds boundaries making communication in the world so fast. It likewise makes changes in culture almost like an international culture.

    Meeting of the Catholic Bible Association
June 15-19, 2011 (Credit : CBCT Newsletter Vol.6 No.21)
  Bishop Francis Xavier Vira Apornrat, President of the Catholic Commission for the Bible, attended the meeting of the Catholic Bible Association on the theme: Word of God is always a Revival. It was the extraordinary meeting convened on 15-19 June 2011 at Casa Divina Maestro, Arriccia, Rome, Italy. Attendance consisted of 138 members from 98 countries with 25 Bishops, 75 priests, 2 Brothers, 8 Sisters, 21 male laity and 7 female laity. Membership consisted of 2 categories: 63 full members from the Bishops Conference of each country and, 54 associate members while the rest are observers.

Participants had a general audience with the Holy Father in front of St. Peter Basilica. After reading the book of Kings the Holy Father taught that during the time of the Prophet Elijah people were deviated to other things rather than God became and the Prophets warning made them chose the true God. God is merciful especially when we believe in Jesus Christ; live in a life of love and through the Holy Spirit our life is renewed and we become a new creation.


Normally the plenary assembly is convened once in six years. The previous one was held in Tanzania where Sr. Chanthana Sirichanthanakul of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Bangkok attended in the year 2008. The purpose of the meeting was to revise the constitution and study the latest encyclical: Verbum Domini the result of the 12th Episcopal Synod on The Word of God: Font and Summit of Life and Mission of the Church conducted on 5-26 October 2008 in Rome. Pope Benedict XVI approved the document on 30 September 2010.

This extraordinary meeting was to improve the constitution to coincide with the Canon Laws in line with the German Laws since the office, has been moved to Stutgard, Germany. This event also re-elected the new administrative members.

    Welcome to Archbishop Giovanni Daniello Apostolic Nuncio to Thailand 
September 22, 2010
  A grand welcome was extended to His Eminence Archbishop Giovanni Daniello, the new Vatican Apostolic Nuncio to Thailand, who arrived by flight AF 242 at 12.45 hrs., on 24 November 2010. A VIP room at the airport was reserved to welcome His Eminence. Among the distinguished host welcomers were Most Rev. Chamniern Santisukniran, CBCT President, Most Rev. Kriengsak Kovitvanit, CBCT Vice President, Most Rev. Vira Apornrat, Most Rev. Olivier from Cambodia,Most Rev. John from Myanmar, Rev. Fr. Pipat Rungruangkanokkul, Rev. Fr. Vorayuth Kitbamrung, Rev. Fr. Anucha Chaiyadet, Sr.Kritsada Satraphan of the CBCT Office and a good number of representatives from the Male/Female religious orders.
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    New Apostolic Nuncio 
September 22, 2010
  His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI has graciously appointed His Grace Archbishop Giovanni d'Aniello, up to now Apostolic Nuncio to the Democratic Republic of Congo, as Apostolic Nuncio to the Kingdom of Thailand and to the Kingdom of Cambodia, as well as Apostolic Delegate to the Union of Myanmar and to the Lao People's Democratic Republic.

The official announcement of the above assignment will be made public in the daily edition of "L'Osservatore Romano" on Wednesday, September 22, 2010, at noontime in Rome, i.e. 5 p.m. in Bangkok. Till then this news is to be kept strictly confidential.

The Most Reverend Monsignor Giovanni d'Aniello was born in Aversa (Caserta, Italy) on 5 January 1955, was ordained a priest on 8 December 1978. He was appointed Titular Archbishop of Paestum and Apostolic Nuncio to Democratic Republic of Congo on 15 December 2001, and received the Episcopal consecration by the Holy Father Pope John Paul II, at the Basilica of St. Peter's in Rome, on 6 January 2002.

 Archbishop Giovanni d'Aniello


    Communique from Catholic Community 
May 18, 2010
  The Catholics in Thailand as a part of Thai society wouldnt be indifferent to the present chaotic situation as we are of the belief that All human beings are children of God who is Love, so we must be fully in love with our nation. We respect to the value of life and human dignity. We strongly hold the principle of love, compassion and forgiveness so we would ask every party to stop all kinds of violence and seek to solve the conflict by peaceful means. The Catholics offer the continual pray for peace and have a great hope that Thailand, our beloved country, will soon return to peace and harmony.


April 29, 2010
  Rev. Fr. Ignazio Ceffalia was born on 28 April 1975 at Palermo, Italy. He was ordained priest on 6 August 2003 for the diocese of Piana degli Albanesi. Fr. Ignazio has a Doctorate degree in Canon Law from the Pontifical Lateran University in Rome. After having finished his studies at the Pontifical Ecclesiastical Academy in 2006, Fr. Ignazio served as Secretary at the Apostolic Nunciature in Ecuador until 24 April 2010. He arrived in Bangkok on 26 April 2010.


    SIGNIS World Congress 2009
October 17 - 21, 2009
  Chiang Mai, October 18, 2009 (SIGNIS) - About 660 participants from 70 countries have gathered in Chiang Mai, Thailand from October 17-21 to attend the World Congress of SIGNIS (the World Catholic Association for Communication) on the theme "Media for a Culture of Peace: Childrens Rights, Tomorrows Promise".

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    Consecration of Most
Bishop Joseph Phibul Visitnonthachai
NAKHON SAWAN, Thailand (UCAN) -- Newly ordained Bishop Joseph Phibul Visitnonthachai of Nakhon Sawan says he will work to serve the poor amid the cultural diversity in his diocese.


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    Directory of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Thailand (Update September 09, 2009)
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    The Conferral Ceremony Of Doctor of Religion Honoris Causa
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       These visits, as we know, take place when the bishops, joined as they are to the Apostolic See with the bond of communion and presiding in charity and service over the particular Churches throughout the world, set out at certain appointed times for Rome to visit the tombs of the Apostles .......  
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   Consecration of Most Bishop Joseph Phibul Visitnonthachai (September 12,2009)  
   The Conferral Ceremony Of Doctor of Religion Honoris Causa On His Excellency Archbishop Luigi Bressan  
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